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"The Rincon" California Coast Highway Between Ventura and Santa Barbara Post Card
Street view image of the Rincon Highway between Ventura and Santa Barbara. A Model T vehicle drives toward the foreground, along a paved bridge cutting through lush hillsides framed by large trees.

Aerial View of U.S. Route 101 in Downtown Ventura
Color aerial view of the downtown Ventura area, looking south. U.S. Route 101 is prominent in the image, running at a diagonal from the upper right corner to the center bottom of the image. Ventura Pier, Thompson Boulevard, Santa Clara Street, Main…

View from the side of Roosevelt Highway (Pacific Coast Highway) of a car coming toward the camera and one driving away in the distance. There are large rock formations along both sides of the highway as well as safety barriers. Photograph is…

Caution Signs on Wet Highway 101, 1926
Two caution signs on a wet Highway 101 after a storm. Highway adjacent to tall hill on one side, beach on the other. Two people visible on the beach. Photo has a white border around entire photo. Written on photo verso: "Dirt being replaced here on…

Charles G. Aggen Survey of Lot 21 and Part of Lot 22 Rancho Las Posas
Map showing survey of Lot 21 and part of Lot 22, Rancho Las Posas. Made for Charles G. Aggen. Shows portions of Aggen Road and Los Angeles Avenue (Highway 118), and lands belonging to Charles G. Aggen, May Clara Aggen Reed, Fredric M. Aggen, T. B. De…

Conejo Grade Postcard
A winding paved road going down a mountain, part of which has been cut away to accomodate it. Below it is a sprawling green valley with one large hill near the bottom of the road that stretches all the way towards a range of purple mountains in the…

Constructing Sea Wall Along Highway 1
Image of the construction of the sea wall along Highway 1 near Pt. Mugu. Men and building tools are spread out over the scaffolding attached to the cliff face. The ocean can be seen in the right hand side of the frame.

Dragon Rock, on Santa Monica to Oxnard Blvd., Roosevelt Highway, Calif. 1938 ; (pm) Post Card
Caption text: "345: 'Dragon Rock,' on Santa Monica to Oxnard Blvd., Roosevelt Highway, Calif."
A curved highway wraps around the base of a hill, just above a beach and a rock formation. A vehicle drives along the road in the distance, the ocean in…

Enterprise on Cochran & Stowe Streets, Simi
Aerial view of structures on Cochran and Stowe Streets in Simi. Parking lot, bridge, freeway with exit, and additional structures visible around development.

Five Points Park Survey Map (4 of 4)
Brown line Survey of Five Points Park in the City of San Buenaventura. Shows Frances Street, Eva Street, South Brent Street, Porter Lane, as well as Thompson Boulevard, Telegraph Road, Main Street and a portion of the State Highway. Various numbered…

Highway 101 and Causeway Postcard
Photograph of Highway 101 and the parallel causeway titled "S.B. 101 Causeway, Coast Highway, Between Ventura and Santa Barbara, California" with the handwritten note: "Part of this Blvd. washed out last week - with high tides." A few cars are…

Highway 101 at Lewis Road in Camarillo
Bird's eye view of the intersection of Lewis Road and Highway 101 in Camarillo, CA. Photo possibly taken from St. Mary Magdalene Chapel tower. Image shows many buildings, cars parked and mid drive, and a railroad track and crossing. In the background…

Highway 101--Camarillo Eucalyptus Tunnel
View of Highway 101 running through the middle of the photo flanked by eucalyptus trees on both sides, passing through Camarillo. Eucalyptus trees create a sort of tunnel around the highway. There is a lone car on the highway.

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Improvements Bordering State Highway, Lot 138, Ojai Terrace
Map and engineering drawings showing improvements bordering State Highway 399 at Lot 158, Ojai Terrace. Current museum records indicate what is shown on map as State Highway and Maricopa Road is currently Highway 33 (Maricopa Highway) and Ventura…

Intersection of Route 126 and Sespe Avenue Survey, Fillmore
Grey pencil survey map of intersection of Route 126 (Highway 126) and Sespe Avenue in Fillmore. Highlighted along Route 126 are eucalyptus trees, sycamore trees, bushes, a stop sign, telegraph poles, and the edges of paved shoulders. The S.P.R.R.…

Intersection on Highway 118, Moorpark
Street view of an intersection of Highway 118. Several cars can be seen driving or parked alongside the curb. Trees line the road. Sign for a cafe can be seen on the left side of the road, partially obscured by trees. Train cars and sign showing…

Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita area (partial view). Looking north east. Hills in back of La Conchita prominent in photograph. Roads clearly visible. Traffic on 101 clearly visible. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.

La Conchita Area, View Looking North
Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita area. View looking North. La Conchita "Strip" clearly visible. Rail line, Hwy. 101, Beach and Surf visible. Clear images of houses and roads. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.

Glossy aerial photograph of La Conchita looking North and slightly East and from a short distance from La Conchita. On Fuji color crystal archive paper.

Looking Towards Piru Canyon, "Ridge Route", Los Angeles to Bakersfield postcard
Bird's eye view of the Ridge Route at Piru Canyon with two cars visible on the road.
[Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Cal.; Sohmer, Theo., Los Angeles, A-84436]

Map of Pleasant Valley Tract No. 1, Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia (2 of 4)
Pencil plat map of Pleasant Valley Tract No. 1, Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia, being a portion of Parcel C of Lot 5 of Subdivision No. 61. Tract is located south of "State Highway" (California Highway 1) between Elm Drive on the west and…

Map of Ventura Avenue and Surrounding Area, Ventura<br />
<br />
Map of Ventura Avenue area located near Downtown Ventura, with a red line highlighting Ventura Avenue. Visible streets include Fix Way, Garden Street, Main Street, Santa Clara Avenue, Junipero Street, Thompson Boulevard, and Figueroa Street and the…

Map of Walnut Park Neighborhood, Ventura
Blue line map of Walnut Park and surrounding areas in the City of Ventura. Walnut Park area is outlined in bold, and includes Marshall Street, Georgia Street, Flower Street, Dean Drive, College Drive, Redwood Avenue, Ashwood Avenue, and 189 numbered…

Maricopa Highway, Ojai, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Maricopa Highway, highway 33, in Ojai.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., The Finest American Made View Post Cards; Boardman's Rexall Drug Store, Ojai, California]

Old Horseshoe Curve on Conejo Grade
Bird's eye view of a section of road on the Conejo Grade that is in a horseshoe shape. Mountain that the road is cut into visible in image, as are mountains in the background of image. Mountainsides are covered with brush. Some safety guard rails…
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