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San Buenaventura Reservoir
Birds eye view of San Buenaventura Reservoir and surrounding area. The image is looking east from Hill School. Palm Street runs down the center of the image and on the left is Oak Street. The pier can be seen in the distance. San Buenaventura, 1875…

The Ship Bonita
Black and white photograph of the ship Bonita run aground. It is floating on the ocean, very close to shore.

Beach scene (image is badly damaged).

Beach scene with building in distant background.

Stereoscopic view of a family on a coastal tide pool.

Stereoscopic view of a rocky coastline.

Stereoscopic view of rocky beach with arch formation and a man.

Man on Anacapa Island Beach

Ventura Wharf and Beach

Group of people fishing on the beach with islands offshore

Ventura Wharf from the beach with people playing in the surf.

Rocky shore off Channel Islands.

Poor image of Anacapa Island.

Portrait of two women on the beach with pier in background.

Mussel Rock, Near Ventura postcard, view A
View of ocean surf breaking over rocks. Foam from the surf is visible in the foreground. A mass of rocks sits to the right of the viewer. The largest rock is visible in the background to the right of the viewer. There are two postcards showing the…

Map of U.S. Lighthouse Reservation, Santa Barbara
Topographical map of a portion of the U.S. Lighthouse Reservation, City of Santa Barbara, made for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company. Shows the Pacific Ocean in relation to the cliff face, and portions of land belonging to the U.S. Coast Guard…

Cochino Piedra Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Calif. postcard
Inland view of Cochino Piedra Harbor on Santa Cruz Island.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70875]
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