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Bard Memorial Hospital, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Front view of Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital building. With its tower on the left, the three story building with adobe tile roof sits on a hill, with Downtown Ventura in the background.

Benjamin Dudley House
Exterior view of the Benjamin Dudley house exterior, with children standing on the porch and children and/or adults standing at the top left window. It is a two story farmhouse with an attic.

Charles Teague Mansion
View of the mansion from the front. To the left of the image a portion of the mansion is built with bricks. Wooden beams are visible from the outside of the mansion which creates a pattern along the breadth of the building. A multitude of windows…

F. G. Sifford House
The Sifford house located on South Ash Street. A view taken from the street of a two-story wood frame house with stone chimney and two balconies. The street is unpaved.

Front View of the Glen Tavern in Santa Paula
A front view of the Glen Tavern taken from across the street.

High School, Ventura, Cal. postcard
One of Ventura's early high school buildings is depicted. Three-quarter view of the three-story structure. There are two-story high arched entries on both visible sides with covered porches over them at the third level. Two chimneys are visible.…

Home of Theodore & Sophie Kelsey
Home of Theodore & Sophie Kelsey, Saticoy, about 1907. Later addition at left of picture. Two women and one man are standing in front of the home.

House with shed.

Jason Bradley Home
Exterior front view of the Jason Bradley home. It is a two story home with a porch and balcony in the front. Image shows the sidewalk in front of the home as well as yard areas at the side of the home. Built in 1871 for first newspaper office…

Justin Petit's home in Oxnard
Justin Petit's ranch home in Heritage Square in Oxnard. Smoke appears to be coming out of a chimney in the back of home. There is a fence around the home.

Lopez Adobe
Lopez Adobe on land granted to Teodora and Raphael Lopez. Adobe was built in the early 1800s. Image is a close up view of what appears to be the front of the adobe showing a door and large window, tiled roof, and a chimney. The front courtyard has a…

Oak and Santa Clara Street
A view of the corner of Oak Street and Santa Clara Street. There is a powerline post with the street names attached. A wooden building takes up the main view of the photograph, with a upper floor of a Victorian-style building behind it. A sign on the…

Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory, Side View
This image shows the daylight exterior side view of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory.

Pisgah Grande Tower of Prayer Exterior
Image shows a two story tower building made of brick with a chimney and a makeshift spire. Building was used by the Pisgah Grande community, and is in disuse and disrepair.

Image is marked "Proof", as it is from an unpublished book proof.

Map of Roof Plan of Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Camarillo
Roof plan of Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Camarillo. Shows sample tile patterns and location of chimney on roof. Separate figures show plan and profile of overhead clearance.

Southern California Home
Picture of an unidentified two story home in southern California. The house appears to be built with craftsman style architecture, having details such as square pillars, exposed brackets under the eaves, and mixed stone and wood. The entire front and…

Ventura Fire House Postcard
Photograph captioned "Fire House, Ventura, Cal." Two people stand at the entrance of the fire house, as someone rides toward the entrance on a horse. Mountains are visible in the background. There are houses and buildings on both sides of the fire…

West Elevation Detail Photos, Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Camarillo
West exterior elevation detail photos for the seismic retrofit of Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Camarillo. Shows 12 photos of architectural details including columns, eaves, railing, and chimney.
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