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White House Baseball Club
Group photo of the White House Baseball Club, a team of young male baseball players in uniform in three rows. In the top row there is a man between two of the players, and is presumably a coach. The coach holds two flags that read "White House." A…

Charles Hall with Manager of the Boston Red Sox
Manager of the Boston Red Sox (on viewers left) and Charles Hall (on viewers right) standing side by side on a baseball field. The Red Sox manager is wearing his uniform, Charles Hall is wearing a three piece suit, a hat and holding a cane.

Ventura Juniors Baseball Team
Group portrait of the Ventura Juniors baseball team. There are ten young men and a boy. Standing (Left to Right): C. Daly, R. Forch, Bud Jennet, J. Franz, C. Hall and N. Hearne. Seated (Left to Right): E. Hearne, B. Fazzio, E.M. McGonigle, and Frank…

A short sepia film that shows a large family outing to a wooded clearing for a game of baseball. Men, women, and children of various ages participate.

Printed titles appear on screen throughout the footage to frame the day's scenes with a sense…

Baseball Park in Fillmore
View of a baseball game in progress at the baseball park in Fillmore. View of the bleachers/stands on the left of image, players in the field, large section of the field in the foreground. Mid image is a long wooden fence with spectators, players,…


Dolores Sanchez in Baseball Uniform
Full portrait of Dolores Sanchez in a baseball uniform. He is standing outdoors near a tree with some buildings in the background. He is wearing a cap and looking at the viewer. It is unclear, but his uniforms seems to read: "Esperanza Club."

Fraternal Brotherhood Baseball Club
Group photo of the Fraternal Brotherhood Baseball Club sitting and some kneeling on the steps of a building. They are in uniform except for one man in a suit (George Stewart). Uniforms read "TFB BBC" on the chest of the shirt. Library records state…

Ventura Elks Baseball Team, 1922
A group photo of the Ventura Elks baseball team and their manager, Milton Ramelli. The team wears their baseball uniforms, while Ramelli wears a suit.

Names listed on back, order not clear: "M. Smith, M. Ramelli, J. Barnett, S. D. Butts, Gio…

Oxnard Aces Group Photo, 1936
A group portrait of the Oxnard Aces baseball team in 1936. Team is dressed in their uniforms and pose with bats and mitts on the ground in front of them.
Top row (L-R): Lazaro Ponce, Joe Uranga, Albert Martinez, Tony Martinez, Humbert Escalante,…
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