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Hanging Rock at Matilijia
Landscape of Hanging Rock at Matilijia. The creek runs under hanging rock with a stony shore on either side. There are mountains and trees in the background.

 Donald McArthur
Snapshot of Donald McArthur, standing on viewer's right, facing a stream His side of the steam is covered in rocks. The far side is covered in trees.

Rocky stream with trees.

Canyons stream.

A group of people posed on rocks near a wooden footbridge over a stream.

Stream in a rocky canyon.

Small stream waterfall.

Bridge over a river or stream with trees in the foreground.

Man posing in a rocky stream.

View of canyon stream.

Matilija Canyon
View of Matilija Canyon, a stream runs through the bottom foreground of shot with many boulders visible. Shrubbery and trees on both sides of the shot.

Ebell Club Clubhouse
Exterior view of the Ebell Club, a women's club, clubhouse. It is a two story structure with a pond and bridge over the pond in front of it.
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