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Company H, 7th California Volunteers, Infantry
Mounted portrait of Company H, 7th California Volunteers, Infantry in uniform holding rifles. They are in two lines with one man on his own ahead of the two lines and they are on a lawn in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. A large statue…

Hunting Near Fillmore postcard
Hunting scene showing five men with rifles and what appear to be two deer and a cougar on a hanging rack. Caption on bottom right of photo: "A day's sport near Fillmore, California."
[Newman Post Card Co., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany for…

Man with rifle posing in front of fences yard and house.

Portrait of a man in uniform with a rifle.

View from Mountains of Simi Valley, 1904
Birds eye view, writing on bottom center states: "A view from the mountains of Simi Valley. Showing Oak Grove & 2500 acres of grain." Four hunters are also present in the photo.
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