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Newell Zapf at Attention
Shows Newell Zapf standing at attention in his military uniform at Camp White, Oregon. He is aged 19 in the photo. His uniform consists of a cap, shin-length coat, boots and spats, utility belt, and rifle. He is facing the camera and is holding his…

Newell Zapf in Military Gear
Shows Newell Zapf wearing his military uniform at Camp White, Oregon. Newell is aged 19 in photo. His uniform includes a cap, a shin-length coat, boots and spats, a utility belt, and a rifle. He is holding the rifle in both hands, and is angled to…

Sisquoc Rangers Holding Flags
Six men pose on a large boulder with rifles and flags. The men hold their hats in hand. They are part of the Sisquoc Rangers, a hunting group. One flag reads "Sisquoc Rangers" and another flag is a US flag.

Group photo of a hunting party on the North fork of Matilija Creek. There are five men on horseback, some are carrying rifles. There are two pack mules with the group.

Full circular portrait of Charlie Ruiz, standing outdoors with a rifle and his dog Shep. Charlie has a cigarette hanging from his mouth and he wears a gun in a holster with an ammunition belt around his waist. Charlie and Shep are looking into the…

Evelyn Barnett with Gun and Dog
Full portrait of Evelynn Barnett holding a rifle and looking at the camera with a serious look on her face. She is wearing a long dark colored dress with long sleeves and a hat. At her feet is a dog, possibly a pointer or a spaniel, and what appear…

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Erle Stanley Gardner at Desk
Portrait of Erle Stanley Gardner seated at his desk. He is holding some papers in his hand and looking to the left of the viewer with a serious expression. He wears a suit, tie, and glasses. His desk is full of papers, books, and writing implements…
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