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Ventura County Oil Fields
Bird's eye view of a road running through the middle of oil fields, with derricks, storage tanks, and buildings visible on either side of the road. Museum records describe this as "Ventura County Oil Fields", but do not specify exact name.

BI Co. Pumping Plant and Water Well
Building housing the pumping equipment with storage tank next to it and on the left is the dirt road lined with telephone poles. Agricultural fields in the background. Caption reads "B.I. Co Pumping plant and water well No 1 Tract 86."

Loading Oil on Railroad Tank Cars
Closeup view of tank cars being loaded with oil.

Library records indicate this is part of "The Petroleum Industry - transportation & refining. Marguerite Brown Study Prints."

Union Oil Company panorama view of tramway to wharf
Union Oil Company panorama view of tramway to wharf in Ventura. Photo has a crease along the center as if it had been folded in half.
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