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Limoneira Ranch Packing House postcard
View of the packing house on the Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula. Shows the packing house with unpaved road outside. Several palm trees are visible, growing on one side of the building. An early automobile is parked next to the building.


Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior view of the buildings at the Oxnard Sugar Factory, showing a railroad track at the bottom right of the image. Smoke is coming out of some of the many smokestacks on the buildings.

Apricot Harvest at Elliot Hendry Ranch
View of two boys scraping dried apricots from a wood frame into fruit crates. Boy on left has face obscured by a shadow. A stack of empty frames is behind the boys. More frames containing drying apricots are visible on the ground around the boys.

Fifty Tons of Apricots Drying, N.B. Smith Ranch postcard
Closeup view of trays upon trays of apricots drying on the ground at N.B. Smith Ranch in Ventura, Calif. Buildings and an orchard in the background. In the far distance are mountains.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (C.T. American Art), A-67989]

Fruit Drying on Robinson Ranch
Seven men are seen working around an agricultural structure on Robinson Ranch. They are engaged in the process of fruit drying. Two men stand on either side of a table. Others are working in the distance.

Picking Oranges at Limoneira
Several men climb ladders to harvest oranges in an orchard at Limoneira. Oranges are slid down tubes into crates on the ground. A man on a horse drawn wagon is in the middle of the scene. To the left of the image there is a load of filled crates on a…

Lima Bean Threshing Group Photo
Panoramic view of lima bean fields, field workers, mountains in background. "James F. Fulkerson's Lima Bean Threshing outfit, operating near Camarillo, Ventura County, CA. Largest lima bean fields in the world."

Beet Sheds at American Beet Sugar Company
Beets being loaded into beet sheds at the American Beet Sugar Factory in Oxnard. A child looks on at the group of men working There are several sheds and pulleys on overhead rafters over the sheds.

Off-Loading Beets at the Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image shows beets being off-loaded from a large truck onto a storage area using a large net. There are three men helping move the beets with one man on the far left looking at the camera while the other two look towards the beets with their backs to…

Off-Loading Beets at the Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image shows a large wooden structure that looks like a storage area full of beets while three men off-load beets from a truck using a large net. The Oxnard Sugar Factory can be seen in the background.

Freight Cars Off-Load Beets at Oxnard Sugar Factory
Freight cars full of beets are being off-loaded into a large container, with the first car emptying its load. They look to be dropping out of the bottom of the car into the container with a cloud of dirt rising up. Trees and utility poles can be seen…

Freight Cars Off-Load Beets at Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image shows freight cars at the Oxnard Sugar Factory. The first car seems to be empty while the second car is off-loading beets into a large container. There is a person standing to the right of the tracks on top of or near the container that looks…

Beet Storage and Freight Cars at Oxnard Sugar Factory
Large wooden structure that looks like a storage area for beets is next to a railway track with freight cars. Three men can be seen working at the storage area. The first freight car looks to not be full but the second car is full to the top with…

Freight Cars Full of Beets at Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image shows a freight train full of beets possibly arriving to the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory. A large plume of smoke can be seen from the engine. Rails seem to be on a short, lifted track. Another freight train can be seen to the right. In the…

Freight Car At Oxnard Sugar Factory
Image of a freight car tilted to its right side over what looks like a container. There are two men leaning over the left side of the car looking at the camera. At the back of the car there looks to be a spading fork or other agricultural tool. Trees…

Harvesting Scene, Combined Header and Thresher postcard
A harvesting scene reading "Harvesting Scene, Combined Header and Thresher" across the top of postcard shows several men on the equipment being pulled by a team of horses and/or mules that number approximately 30.
[Mitchell, Edward H., San…

Apricot processing facilities.

Agricultural production of dried apricots.

Agricultural production of dried apricots.

Transporting Lima Beans to Hueneme Warehouse
Lima beans being transported to lima bean house for shipment. They are in large sacks loaded on horse drawn wagons. Several horse drawn wagons are shown standing in a line leading up to the lima bean house. Men stand next to the line of wagons…

Packing Lemons postcard
View inside a lemon packing house. The room has conveyor belts with crates on top, and there are tubs full of lemons. People are standing near one of the conveyor belts, and some are holding crates. Caption at bottom reads: "Packing Lemons, Santa…

Apricot Pitting Crew, A. Everett Ranch
Group photo, apricot harvesting crew at A. Everett Ranch, Moorpark. Most are women and children.
[Original panorama (46 x 6 in) also shows bicycles, horses, wagons, and an automobile.]

Sacks of Lima Beans
Sacks of lima beans are shown piled into stacks with men sitting on top of them and some men stacking the sacks. Bean thresher shown to the right of the sacks.

Bean Threshing on Deidrick Ranch
Panorama of a bean threshing outfit on Deidrick Ranch. A group of workers stand in the center of the shot and face the camera. The bean threshing machine is behind them.

Gill Brothers Lima Bean Threshing Outfit
Panorama shot of the Gill Brothers lima bean threshing outfit in Camarillo, California. Several farm workers stand in the forefront looking at the camera. Threshing equipment and horse-drawn carts are in the background.
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