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Small Child with Large Beets
A little girl wearing overalls and a large sun hat poses for a full portrait in the outdoors. She is seemingly farming, as she holds a gardening tool over one shoulder and holds a large sugar beet in her other hand. There is a basket of produce on…

Men Topping Sugar Beets
Group photo of several men standing side by side, topping sugar beets. They stop mid-work to pose for the photo, most of them holding sugar beets and or tools in hand. The men are in the middle of a vast field of sugar beets, a wind row in the far…

Group Portrait, Japanese Beet Workers
Group portrait of six men working in a field. They are described as Japanese beet workers on Maulhardt Ranch in Oxnard. The group has some equipment with them (rake and glovers), but may be pulling the beets up by hand. Some of the men hold beets.…

Rancho Santa Clara del Norte postcard
Advertising card for agricultural land, discussing irrigation potential and climate. It is decorated with a cornucopia and fruits. Bottom right corner "Geo. C. Power 152 Main St. Ventura, Cal."
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