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Avenue Community Church Advertising Card postcard
Exterior view of the Avenue Community Church in Ventura. Card used to advertise church services.

[No Publisher Stated, 43092-C]

Nutcracker, Footworks Youth Ballet postcard
A maroon postcard depicting a group of children and one adult performing in the ballet The Nutcracker.

Verso: An invitation from the Oxnard Performing Arts Center to the Footworks Youth Ballet performance of The Nutcracker.

[Footworks Youth…

Layers, Ines Monguio postcard
An abstract painting comprised of mainly green, orange, blue and yellow.

Verso: An invitation to an exhibit reception addressed to Lila M. Atkisson. The exhibit features art by Ines Monguio and is titled "Layers".

[Buenaventura Art…

Fillmore Lemon Association Packing House postcard
Depicts one side of a Sunkist packing house near a railroad crossing in Fillmore, California. Three large trees provide shade for structures across the street. Cars from circa 1960s are parked on the street.

[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 7609 Santa…

Three FJ-3 "Furies" ready for take-off at the Naval Air Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, Calif. postcard
Three FJ-3 "Furies" staggered on an airfield at the Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Magu in Ventura County, California. There is a pilot in each plane.

Verso: Description of FJ-3 "Furies."

[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 7609 Santa Monica…

Administration Building-U.S. Naval Air Missile Test Center postcard
A frontal view of the administration building at the U.S. Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Magu in Ventura County, California. The administration building is in the background, a flagpole in the middle ground and bushes in the foreground.…

Loading Beets on Cars near Oxnard, Cal. postcard
Depicts beats being loaded onto a train car. A team of horses stands on a wooden ramp leading to the open top of the car. Five individuals in various locations assist with directing the horses and unloading the beats.

[Newman Post Card Co., Los…

Downtown Oxnard, Calif. postcard
A street in downtown Oxnard, California circa the 1960s. Businesses pictured include F.W. Woolworth, Town and Country, See's Candy and Colby's.

[Roberts, Mike Natural Color, Berkeley 2, Calif. (published for Schulze News Co., Ventura,…

Ebell Club House, Santa Paula, Ventura Co., California. postcard
A frontal view of the Ebell club house located in Santa Paula, California. A tree, bridge and bench block the view of the building on the left-hand side of the image.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal., C.T. American Art, R-69589]

Ventura County Court House, Ventura, Cal. postcard
East and southern views of Ventura County Courthouse. Building is Neoclassical architecture.
Verso: Describes writer's train ride from Ventura to Santa Barbara, CA.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. C.T. American Art, A-65871]

Sunset at Low Tide 1919 postcard
View facing towards the ocean of a beach in Ventura. The low tide gives the sand a wavy texture on the beach. The sun sets behind the clouds at the top of the image. There are three people walking along the beach, only their silhouette is visible. In…

Greetings from Santa Paula 1905 postcard
This image shows a beach in Ventura county at nighttime. A full moon over the water and reflecting light off the waves along the shore. There is a pier in the background of the image. A man appears to be standing in the shallow waters in the…


Hueneme, Cal. 1935 postcard
This image shows the beach of Port Hueneme from the side view pointing inland. The ocean waves coming from the right side of the wash over the beach sands. There are some building in the background of the image.

Verso: Typical postcard backside.…

Ramona At Her Husband's Grave 1906 postcard
This postcard shows Ramona squatting at the grave of her husband with her hands covering her face as she mourns. The graveyard ground is very uneven, with wooden crosses used as grave markers. Other graves are visible around Ramona's…

Bathing in the Surf 1904 postcard
This image shows the front of the beach as a crowd of people in their old fashioned bathing suits let the waves wash over them. The Ventura Pier can be seen to the right of the image as well as a boat in the background. On the bottom of the postcard…

Ventura, Windsurfing in Ventura Harbor postcard
Shows a couple windsurfing in the Ventura Harbor in the foreground. In the background there are a multitude of boats tethered to the docks.

Verso: Reads the title of the postcard and the photographer's name.

[Columbia Publishing, P.O. Box 675,…

Ventura Marina postcard
View of the Ventura Marina shows a beach filled with surfers. In the water and on the sand are a multitude of surfers. In the distance the Channel Islands can be seen in the skyline.

Verso: Describes the importance of this surfing spot in Ventura…

Mission San Buena Ventura and Mission School, Ventura, Calif. 1928 postcard
Postcard shows the San Buenaventura Mission and school from the west and south sides. To the left of the Mission is a garden of flowers as well as four parked cars outside of the Mission. In the background there are hills covered with…

High School, Central Ave., Looking South, Fillmore postcard
View of a dirt road in the foreground aside a row of tall trees to the left of the road. In the background a highschool can be seen beyond the dirt road. A horse is pictured under the trees to the left. On the right side of the road lies telegraph…

Sespe Avenue Grade School postcard
View of the Sespe Avenue Grade School in Fillmore from the front. The entranceway can be seen along with the steps that lead up to it. A tall flagpole stands off center in the foreground of the image alongside two trees on both sides of the school. …

Depot at Santa Paula, Cal. postcard
Postcard shows a railway depot in Santa Paula. Unpaved dirt roads surround the depot. People riding horse-drawn carts are traveling on the roads. A tall telegraph pole can be seen to the right of the depot standing tall above everything else…

Santa Paula Hardware Co., Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
View of the corner of the Santa Paula Hardware Co. a two story building. Victorian-style architecture is seen on the second story portion of the building. The street pictured with the building is somewhat busy with men waiting outside of the…

U.S. Post Office, Santa Paula postcard
Postcard of the Santa Paula post office. Shows the front of the building with entrance in view. View from the street shows an unidentified brick building to the left of the post office and trees to the right of the post office.

[No Publisher…

Hospital, Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
Side view of the Santa Paula Hospital from the street. Shows the trees planted alongside the hospital as well as a slight view of the entrance of the hospital.

[No publisher stated]
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