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Albert R. Albinger
Bust portrait of Albert R. Albinger (b. 1915, d. 1982), who was a Ventura City Councilman and Mayor. He is wearing glasses, a suit and tie, and looking into the camera.


Feeding Ducks and Geese
Outdoor scene of unidentified man feeding ducks and geese at a small pond. Man is wearing suit and hat. Ducks, geese, and one chicken crowd at one end of the pond. Farm buildings and fence in background.

First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, post card
Exterior view of First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, with a horse and carriage stopped on one side.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (Printed by Polychrome Co., San Francisco, Cal.)]

Fritz Huntsinger
A portrait of Fritz Huntsinger. He appears to be standing, turned slightly towards the right of the camera, smiling with open mouth. He was born 8 June 1899 in Eimeldingen, Germany; died 1 May 1986, Ventura, California.

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J. Y. Saviers
Bust portrait of J. Y. Saviers, seated, wearing a suit, looking into the camera. Came to California in 1850, and Ventura County in 1869.

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Portrait of a man.

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Portrait of a man
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