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Charles Kuhlman with Other Musicians
Group portrait that includes Charles Kuhlman, seated at right, and four other men. The other men are not identified. All the men wear suits and hold stringed instruments. A dog lays on the ground in front of the group. Photo taken in Bisbee, Arizona,…

Del Valle Girls and Veranda at Rancho Camulos
Two images. Left image depicts two girls from the Del Valle family. Ysobel del Valle Cram and Nina del Valle Cram sitting. Ysobel is plays the guitar. Both women are looking to the right. Right image shows a veranda at Rancho Camulos. Shows the…

Group Photo of Musicians at Rancho Camulos
Picture depicts a group of women posing in a group photo. The group is carrying an assortment of wind and string instruments. Each woman in the picture is seen with a number over their head to identify who is who. From left to right, Susanita del…

Minnie Ruiz
Portrait of Minnie Ruiz sitting and holding a guitar. She is wearing a dress and has a tall up-do hairstyle, or tall hat or head covering. A studio backdrop and props are visible in the background. Minnie Ruiz was the wife of Ulpiano Torigio Ruiz.…

Paul and Manuel Torres in Sombreros
Paul and Manuel Torres, young men, possibly teenaged, pose for picture together wearing sombreros. Manuel also holds a guitar and wears a sarape over one shoulder. They are at Gardner Ranch.

Portrait of women with guitar

The Spanish Fandango At Camulos, The Old Home of Ramona postcard
Exterior view of courtyard, with seated woman playing guitar. Woman is wearing a patterned dress and dark shawl. Her hair is dark and curly. Ivy-covered columns are visible to the left side of the postcard. Two stools holding a pot and a barrel, are…
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