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Frank Alves in uniform
Private Frank Alves, Co. "B" 4 M.G. Btn. Am. E.F. Killed in
action Bois de Billeau Woods WWI. Two photographs include Alves in uniform and his grave marker.

Guadalupe De La Rosa Standing By a Grave
Guadalupe De La Rosa standing by the grave of her child (?) at Maria Natividad Arroyo in Santa Paula. The grave is marked with a large cross and adorned with many flowers.

Aiko Tagami Funeral Service<br />
<br />
This image is a group photo of the family members and friends in attendance at a funeral service for Akiko Tagami, who died of accidental poisoning as a one-year-old. The young girl in the front left is Hanako Tagami (Kato), age 3.
The photo is…

Japanese Cemetery in Oxnard
View of the Japanese Cemetery in Oxnard. Grave markers of various sizes in the foreground. Structure with rounded roof surrounded by trees is visible in background. Names Keita Yoshikado, Hirai, and Tagami visible on three markers. Writing in…

Ramona At Her Husband's Grave 1906 postcard
This postcard shows Ramona squatting at the grave of her husband with her hands covering her face as she mourns. The graveyard ground is very uneven, with wooden crosses used as grave markers. Other graves are visible around Ramona's…
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