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Aiko Tagami Funeral Service<br />
<br />
This image is a group photo of the family members and friends in attendance at a funeral service for Aiko Tagami, who died of accidental poisoning as a one-year-old. The young girl in the front left is Hanako Tagami (Kato), age 3.
The photo is…

Guadalupe De La Rosa Standing By a Grave
Guadalupe De La Rosa standing by the grave of her child (?) at Maria Natividad Arroyo in Santa Paula. The grave is marked with a large cross and adorned with many flowers.

Frank Alves in uniform
Private Frank Alves, Co. "B" 4 M.G. Btn. Am. E.F. Killed in
action Bois de Billeau Woods WWI. Two photographs include Alves in uniform and his grave marker.
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