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Branding Cattle, Strathearn Station
Cattle branding scene at Strathearn Station showing one calf being branded in a corral. Cows and/or bulls are in the background along with men on horseback, all inside the corral. George Strathearn is on the left.

Ready to Brand a Steer
A group of men have a steer roped and held to the ground ready for branding. Eight men and a young boy surround the steer. Five of the men are mounted on horses. A dog appears to be standing in front of the roped steer. Rolling hills can be seen in…

Cattle stockyard.

Stockyard with barns, cattle, and men.

J. A. "Toots" Jauregui Driving Cattle
J. A. "Toots" Jauregui on horseback (top of image) drives a group of about ten cattle (seen in the middle and foreground of image). Ventura County Star-Free Press published 5 Apr 1987 according to library records.


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