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Ventura Harbor Marina Patrol Boat
View of the stern of a marina patrol boat as it is docked. Two men stand in the boat while several people stand on the dock and one man leans on the boat. Boat states "Ventura Port District" on stern and "Marina Patrol" on port.


Valdez Cave on Santa Cruz Island Postcard
Photograph taken from inside Valdez Cave on Santa Cruz Island, titled "Beautiful California Valdez Cave, Santa Cruz, Island." A cliff side of Santa Cruz Island is visible, along with two boats and a person standing on the rocks.
[Pacific Novelty…

Ventura Marina & State Beach Park Postcard
Two photos stacked one above the other. The top image is taken from the water, facing towards a marina. A sailboat is on its way in, and a small boat and a ship full of passengers are on their way out.
The second image is a crowded beach. People are…

Ventura Marina postcard
Bird's-eye view of the Ventura Marina. The marina and beaches are in the foreground of the image. The City of Ventura is visible in the background.
[Plastichrome Colourpicture, Boston, Mass., 02130 (Woody Gillette, P.O. Box 318,Solvang, CA 93463),…

Scenic Lake Casitas postcard
Bird's-eye view of Lake Casitas. The boat launch and several docks are visible. There are buildings along the shoreline. Caption at bottom reads: "Scenic Lake Casitas."
[Kolor View Press, Los Angeles, CA, 90064 (Pub. and Dist. by Woody Gillette,…


Tugboat moving the Hueneme lighthouse
Aerial view of a tugboat is moving the original lighthouse at Point Hueneme. The lighthouse is on a platform and appears to have one rope going from it to the tugboat.


Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a boat.


Sailing ships near the Channel Islands.

Boat Sinking in Ventura Harbor
Shot taken from the shore of a boat, possibly a sailboat, mostly submerged in the water. A rowboat is near it and a larger boat a little farther from it. The breakwater and a sailboat can be seen in the background and in the foreground on the right a…


The Ship Bonita
Black and white photograph of the ship Bonita run aground. It is floating on the ocean, very close to shore.
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