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Cast of a drama, by J. C. Brewster

Group Photo of Children at Rancho Camulos
Image depicts a group of eleven people, women and children, posing for a photo on a bench at Rancho Camulos. Alice Bowers is the first woman sitting on the left side of the bench. Enedina del Valle and Nachita del Velle Kirby are seated in the middle…

Villa Park Bungalettes Interior
Interior view of the Villa Park Bungelettes. Taken under an archway or canopy as a portion of this can be seen at the top of the image. In the middle ground of the image there are several bungalows scattered in a small area. There are American-flag…

Group of people on shore or dry riverbed.

Photograph of a large group.

Group of people fishing on the beach with islands offshore

Poor quality image of a group of people.

Portrait of family on porch of house.

Large group picnicking.

Copy of oval photograph of mission San Buenaventura (taken in 1866); six people standing at front entrance; swallow's mud nests on the bell tower.

Portrait of four women.

Group Photo on a Bridge
Picture of the E. W. Daily family on a bridge. There are five people in the photo, two men and three women, all dressed in dark formal attire. Behind them, a pole extends into the top of the image. There are trees in the distance.

Group Photo in Front of Michigan Home
Group photo of the Crowley and Daily families. House and tree in the background. Grouping in front are left to right: Will Crowley, Mrs. Daily, Mrs. Burdick, and Mrs. Crowley (The mother of Mrs. Daily).

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