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Herman Keene Carrying Dead Mountain Lion
Herman Keene, district trapper with dead mountain lion caught in Santa Paula. Keene carries mountain lion shot with arrows on his back. Keene has a bow in one hand.

[Identified with (Ojai #73-62.5)]

California Volunteers of the 7th Regiment
Group portrait, outdoors, of the California volunteers of the 7th Infantry Regiment for the Spanish-American War. 18 uniformed soldiers stand in a line with 3 men, perhaps officers, standing in front and to the side of them. Tents are set up behind…

Hemeterio Romero in Korea
Hemeterio "Hemie" Romero, right, with two other male soldiers in Korea. They are in U.S. army uniforms and are laying on the ground practicing shooting with what appear to be rifles. Romero served as a chief of firing battery.

Army Soldiers in Korea, 1952
Group photo of male U.S. army soldiers in Korea posing with artillery and a missile. Hemeterio "Hemie" Romero is in the center wearing lighter colored jacket. Romero served as a chief of firing battery. There are mountains in the background.

Battleship Deck Guns
View from the deck of a battleship of two guns. A woman stands next to them.


Co. "H" State Militia
Co. "H" State Militia off to Spanish War in front of Armory Hall. Uniformed men stand at attention. Duplicate photo with caption naming men in photo: 2035 OS

Company H, 7th Regiment California Volunteer Infantry U.S.W.V.
Uniformed men stand at attention, caption below photo states: "Company H, 7th Regiment California Volenteer Infantry U.S.W.V." Names are listed below the caption. Captain Albert W. Brown, 1st Lieutenant John W. Hammonds, 2nd Lieutenant James R. Daly.
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