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Transporting Surfboard
Shows a man wearing an aloha-print shirt loading a striped surfboard onto a car's trailer. Second man wearing striped shirt stands behind the trailer. An old model car is parked on the opposite side of the road.

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Survey of Lot 20, Block 1, Treher's Addition, Hueneme
Grey pencil survey map made for James Scharnack of Lot 20, Block 1, Treher's Addition in Hueneme. Ventura Street runs vertically along right side of Lot 20. Lot 19 is visible on left side of Lot 20 and Lot 10 is above. Area of interest includes 4…

Camarillo White Horses in Tree Grove
In the rear of the Camarillo residence, a pair of Camarillo White Horses stand in a grove of trees. A horse trailer can be seen in the background.
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