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Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior view of the buildings at the Oxnard Sugar Factory, showing a railroad track at the bottom right of the image. Smoke is coming out of some of the many smokestacks on the buildings.

Sugar Factory, Oxnard postcard
A view of the American Sugar Beet Company factory in Oxnard, California. It is a very large multi-story brick building. Additional smaller buildings on the site are visible along with tanks, two tall smokestacks, railroad tracks and various…

Stereoscopic view of oil depot near Ventura wharf.

Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior distant view of the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Image shows a dirt road and what appears to be a railroad track in the foreground. There are also two figures standing in the foreground facing the factory. Factory buildings are in view, as well as…

American Sugar Beet Company Panorama
Sepia toned panorama of "American Sugar Beet Company,
Oxnard, California" "Photo # 685 SU Bunnell, 45 Stevenson Ave., Pasadena, California." Panorama includes buildings, landscaping, railroad tracks. Photograph taken from beet dump platform looking…

Exterior View of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Image shows the exterior view of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory from the employee entrance to the left of the main building. In the foreground is a dirt road leading to a small building where employees check in; sign reads "No Admittance This…

Exterior View of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Exterior view of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory shows a portion of the building that has seven circular smokestacks with another building to the left. In front of the building there are various trees and greenery. A road is visible in the foreground…

American Beet Sugar Factory in Oxnard, California.

American Beet Sugar Works
American Beet Sugar Works building side exterior view, with train cars in foreground. Smoke pouring out of the smoke stacks visible.

Beet Sugar Factory At Oxnard postcard
An exterior view of the American Sugar Beet Co. building in Oxnard. It is a large brick, multi-story building. Two tall brick smokestacks are visible. Other factory equipment and buildings visible nearby.

Caption: Beet Sugar Factory at Oxnard,…

Sugar beet factory
"Anniversary" Sugar Factory. Panoramic view showing exterior of the Oxnard factory in background to the left, gardens next to factory on right of photograph

American Beet Sugar Works, Oxnard, California

American Beet Sugar Works, Oxnard, California

American Beet Sugar Works, Oxnard, California

Oxnard Sugar Factory looking west of north side.

Beet sugar factory, Oxnard, California.

Freight Cars at Oxnard Sugar Factory
Closeup view of sugar beets piled into two freight cars on a track outside of the beet sugar factory in Oxnard. Factory buildings are in the background, and American flag flies above the buildings.

Texaco Oil Refinery, Fillmore
Exterior view of the Texaco Oil Refinery in Fillmore, with fumes rising from smokestacks. Hill with water tank visible in background.

Note: Museum records indicate that the refinery was shut down 1950-02-01.
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