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Juan Gonzalez Salas in Front of El Brillante Market
Full portrait of Juan Gonzalez Salas, standing on the sidewalk in front of El Brillante Market. He is wearing an apron and smiling or laughing into the camera.

Mill Park, Santa Paula
View of a stone building, picnic bench and playground as well as trees at Mill Park in Santa Paula.

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Bungalow Inn
Bungalow Inn located at 428 Santa Clara St., Fillmore, California. Cars are parked in front of the hotel and a group of men stand on the inn's porch. Some of the cars are adorned with US flags. Shadow of the photographer appears in the foreground.

Trinity Episcopal Church, Fillmore
Front-facing, slightly off center to the right, photo of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fillmore. Trees slightly obscuring the edges of frame.
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