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Survey Map of Parcels A, B and C in Tract A, Rancho Santa Ana
Survey map of Parcels A, B and C , being a portion of Tract A, Rancho Santa Ana, showing boundaries and acreage data. Property is located on the east side of North Noguera Road ("Private Road"). Adjacent property owner: Margaret Selby Mitchell.

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Alejandro Ruiz Oral History
Interview with Alejandro Ruiz about his life in Piru, work on Rancho Camulos, and his Yaqui heritage and family roots in Sonora, Mexico. Ruiz began working on Rancho Camulos in the 1930s and worked there for 50 years.

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Japanese Quarters at Rancho Sespe
Exterior, three quarters view of the living quarters of the Japanese workers at Rancho Sespe. The building is two stories tall, with exterior staircases on the side, a chimney, and porch. A group of Japanese men stand on the steps and porch of the…

Bathhouse at the Rancho Sespe Japanese Quarters
An exterior view of the bathhouse at the Rancho Sespe Japanese workers' living quarters. Building is one story tall, with small windows along the sides. A group of men, two women, and a child pose together outside of the bathhouse. The men wear…

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the rose gardens and adjacent grounds at Rancho Camulos. Rose garden and a single-story building are on the left of the view. A paved path is on the right. Palms and trees are growing in the background. A parking lot is visible beyond a chain…

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the rose garden and a portion of the adobe at Rancho Camulos. Rows of rose bushes on the left, lined by brick walkway. Trees and palms are visible behind a chain link fence.

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the adobe and rose garden at Rancho Camulos. Taken from the paved path that borders the garden. Trees and palms are visible beside and behind the adobe.

Orchard at Camulos Ranch
A skewed angle view of an orchard on the Camulos Ranch. Rows of trees with their shadows casting down on the soil below. The trees expand far into the background of the image. In the foreground of the image a path of dirt is stretching into the…

Trees in the Placita
View of trees and a hedge within a small plaza at Rancho Camulos. In the foreground is a small lawn, behind which a hedge expands beyond the left and right sides of the image. The hedge creates a perimeter around a small grove of trees. In the far…

Trees at Rancho Camulos
Image shows trees at Rancho Camulos. The trees are planted in a circular, horseshoe-like, shape with a hedge planted alongside them. There are potted plants and a fountain at the center. In the background to the left of the image is a building…
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