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Katherine Hoffman Haley with Senator Barry Goldwater
Snapshot of (Left to Right): Katherine Hoffman Haley, Senator Barry Goldwater and an unidentified woman. Haley is wearing a light colored suit with a fur collar and is applauding, Senator Goldwater is a in a dark suit, and the other woman is in a…

Katherine Hoffman Haley with President George H.W. Bush
Snapshot of Katherine Haley Hoffman shaking the hand President George H. W. Bush. She is wearing a tweed suit with a name tag on. She has short white hair. President Bush is wearing a dark suit.

Katherine Hoffman Haley and Governor Ronald Reagan
Portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley and then Governor Ronald Reagan. Museum records do not provide context for this photograph but it appears that Governor Reagan is presenting Hoffman Haley with an award or trophy of some sort. They are standing in…

Kay Haley and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lagomarsino
Group snapshot of Kay Haley, left, along with Robert Lagomarsino (center) & Mrs. Norma Lagomarsino at Santa Rosa Island exhibit opening in July 1995.
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