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Field of cultivated flowers, possibly calla lilies.

Lath House at Nusbickel-Warren Nursery
Inside view of lattice covered plant nursery showing some irrigation piping. Caption reads "Lath House at Nusbickle-Warren Nursery Tr. 89."

Showing Off a Sapling at Daily & Sons Nursery
Two unidentified men holding a white sheet behind a young citrus tree. The tree is in a temporary pot. Other plants are visible behind the men. Taken at the C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo.

Loading Truck at Daily and Sons Nursery
Exterior view of the rear of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo. Shows two trucks backed into an unpaved driveway. Four unidentified men load saplings from one truck bed to the other. To left of viewer is a garden covered by a pergola where…
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