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Rex Motel postcard
View from the street of Rex Motel, with a median with grass and trees down the center of the postcard. Parking spaces/driveway in front of motel rooms align on opposite sides of the postcard. Address at bottom of postcard: "2406 Thompson Blvd. (U.S.…

Ocean View Motel postcard
View from the street of Ocean View Motel with an archway over the parking lot reading: "Garages Ocean View Motel Television." Address at bottom of postcard: 1690 Thompson Blvd (101 Highway) "Centrally Located" Ventura, California.

La Barranca Motel Postcard
Postcard from La Barranca Motel that reads: "La Barranca Motel 1220 Thompson Blvd. (U. S. 101) Ventura, California Close to Good Restaurants and the Beach." The illustration shows the motel entrance from the street, with two cars in the parking lot…

Mission Bell Motel postcard
Mission Bell Hotel shown on the right, Mission Bell Motor Court on the left and a tree-lined road down the center of the postcard. Caption at bottom of postcard: "Mission Bell Motel, Ventura, California". Back of postcard lists Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin…

Hyatt Chalet Motel postcard
Entrance to the Hyatt Chalet Motel in Thousand Oaks, some cars are visible in the parking spaces in front of motel rooms. A large sign with the hotel name visible on right side of postcard.
[Wemyss Printing Associates, Los Angeles]

City Center Lodge, The Best Western Motels post card
Front facing view of City Center Lodge, a roadside motel with cars parked in front of rooms. Postcard appears to be illustrated, and has an address on the bottom of the card reading: "City Center Lodge; 837 E. Meta St. (U.S. 101); 3 blocks to…
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