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Post Office, Ojai, Cal. postcard
View of Ojai post office on the right side of the image, showing Ojai Avenue on left and center of image. Arcade and Libbey Park on either side of postcard partially visible. Many cars are parked on Ojai Avenue.

Main Street, Ventura, 1900
View of Main Street in Ventura looking east from Figueroa St. San Buenaventura Mission on the left and Peirano's Market to the right.

Ventura City Hall at corner of Main Street and California. Angel of Mercy Statue in view in from of City Hall.

Copy of Brewster photo looking northwest from across Main Street at Mission San Buenaventura and Brewster's photo studio in quadrangle building, about 1874.

Date palm by the San Buenaventura Mission
Two date palms that were planted by the fathers next to the San Buenaventura mission, in the mission orchard. Originally, there were four date palms.

Camarillo Rancho
"A. Camarillo residence, Camarillo. When first built 1895 (sic)". It was built in 1892. "Camarillo Rancho" written on one of the buildings in the lower right corner. Shows mansion on the right and grounds and fields to the left and in foreground.

Three Palm Trees
Image shows three date palm trees standing in the San Buenaventura Mission orchard in early Ventura, CA. Originally there were four Arabian date palm trees in the orchard, which is in present day (2022) Mission Park. A man stands next to one of the…

Group Portrait with Contraband Outside of County Courthouse
Thirteen men kneel down in front of drums, in front of the Ventura County Courthouse. At least one appears to be in a uniform. Museum records indicate that this was the largest haul of contraband on the Pacific coast. 65 drums of 196 proof alcohol…

Souvenir, Ventura, Cal., 1913 Postcard
A black-and-white collage of prominent sites in Ventura: the plaza, San Buenaventura Mission, the courthouse, a new bridge (Ventura River Bridge), an aerial shot of a residential area, and a "surf scene" of a beach.
[Photos by Dingman]

Under the Cross, Sunset
View of Serra Cross at sunset, facing westward, ocean in background. Several people are gathered around the cross. Caption states: "Under the Cross" Sunset. Junipero Serra Day Ventura, Cal. 11/24/13. Dingman Photo.


West side of Mission San Buenaventura looking northeast from across Main Street; Norfolk pines are about 30 feet high.

West side of Mission San Buenaventura looking northeast from across Main Street; Norfolk pines are about 30 feet high.

View looking south along east side of mission San Buenaventura from behind bell tower with priest (probably Father Patrick Grogan) standing in the south entrance; there is a brick building on the left just south of east entrance to Mission.

Piru Mansion
Exterior view of the driveway leading up to the Piru Mansion and of the front and side of the mansion. Mansion appears to be in disrepair, as it has overgrown landscaping, a cracked driveway, and overgrown climbing shrubbery on the mansion itself.…

Ruins of Santa Margarita Mission
Image shows a man standing next to the ruins of the Santa Margarita Mission, also known as Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia. Image shows the base of the building and a portion of the walls still intact, but the remainder of the building is…

Father Serra statue
Father Serra statue in front of Ventura City Hall, at California and Poli Streets. Photo is taken from the right hand side of the statue from ground, looking up toward his face. City Hall, formerly the Courthouse, is in the background, and there…

Grant Park Cross
A view of Grant Park cross looking toward the ocean. View is framed by trees and people can be seen sitting at its base.


Bottle Village
View of Bottle Village in Simi, which shows a walkway between bottle covered buildings. Mountains are visible in the background. Bottle Village located at 4595 Cochran St. in Simi Valley.

Newhall Mansion
Exterior view of the Newhall Mansion, also known as the Piru Mansion and Cook Mansion. Landscaping in front of the mansion as well as mountains behind visible.

Arnaz Adobe
View of the Arnaz Adobe, an adobe style home, from the front angle. The front door is visible but somewhat hidden by vegetation. The second story of the home is somewhat shrouded by the overhanging tree to the far left of the picture. a portion of…

Arnaz Adobe
This view of the front of Arnaz Adobe from a skewed angle. Shows a portion of the right side of the house. View of the walkway to the front door, the front door itself is hidden behind vegetation. A section of the roof and its shingles are clearly…

Plaque at Sycamore Tree on Telegraph Road
Plaque commemorating a sycamore tree. Plaque itself takes up most of the image, with some of the words not visible due to the shadow of the tree's leaves. A small portion of the tree trunk is visible behind the plaque. Out of focus and to the left of…

Historical Marker for Hueneme Bank Building
Close-up of Historical marker for Hueneme Bank Building


Port Hueneme Historical Museum, 1979
Port Hueneme Historical Museum in former Hueneme Bank building


Bard Memorial Hospital, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Front view of Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital building. With its tower on the left, the three story building with adobe tile roof sits on a hill, with Downtown Ventura in the background.
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