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Map of Walnut Park Neighborhood, Ventura
Blue line map of Walnut Park and surrounding areas in the City of Ventura. Walnut Park area is outlined in bold, and includes Marshall Street, Georgia Street, Flower Street, Dean Drive, College Drive, Redwood Avenue, Ashwood Avenue, and 189 numbered…

Maricopa Highway, Ojai, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Maricopa Highway, highway 33, in Ojai.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., The Finest American Made View Post Cards; Boardman's Rexall Drug Store, Ojai, California]

Old Horseshoe Curve on Conejo Grade
Bird's eye view of a section of road on the Conejo Grade that is in a horseshoe shape. Mountain that the road is cut into visible in image, as are mountains in the background of image. Mountainsides are covered with brush. Some safety guard rails…

Opening of the Maricopa Highway
Six young women dressed in bathing suits and high heels pose in front of a sign at the opening of Maricopa Highway [California State Route 33]. A crowd of people is visible on the left side of the image. Motorcycles are visible in background. Sign…

Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los Angeles to Bakersfield postcard
View of the Ridge Route at Castaic Creek with the back of a car going around a curve on the road.
[Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Cal., R-5; 84431]

Pacific Coast Highway Construction
Image shows unpaved Pacific Coast Highway cutting through large rock formations. A picnic bench sits at the side of the unpaved highway on the left of the image.

Scene of a section of Pacific Coast Highway during its construction, circa 1915. A smoothed out surface ready for paving is shown. Rocky mountainside is on the right of photo, ocean on the left of photo.

Palm Trees on Rincon Highway
Image shows a view of Rincon Highway as it winds arounds the coastline. The sides of the highway are dotted with palm trees and utility poles. According to library records the palms were "planted by Gird Percy 1916 for Ventura County." Mountain…

Parcel Map of a Portion of Tracts 32 and 34, Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai
Parcel Map of the unincorporated territory of the County of Ventura, being a division of a portion of Pinkerton Rancho, being a portion of Tracts 32 and 34, Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai. Area of interest is divided into four numbered parcels and is…

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Parcel Map of Subdivision 26, Rancho Colonia
Parcel map being a portion of Subdivision 26, Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia, Oxnard. Area of interest outlined in black and blue, and shown to be south of Highway 101.

Part of Rancho Santa Ana Showing Location of Rancho El Cola Dam
Map of a portion of Rancho Santa Ana showing the location of the Rancho el Cola Dam, in T4N, R24W. Dam in located towards the center of the map, along Coyote Creek. Visible roads include Dunshee Road, Santa Ana Road, and State Highway 151 [sic…

Partition Survey Map of Rancho El Conejo
Black line partition survey map of Rancho El Conejo, made by court order in the case of Edwards et. al. versus Pinkard et. al. Survey points and acreage data shown for Arroyo Acres, located north of "California State Highway" (United States Highway…

Plan and Profile of Highway 101/Main Street, Buenaventura Center (5 of 9)
Blue line plan and profile of East Main Street (Highway 101 Ventura Business Loop), San Buenaventura Center. Top half of sheet shows map of Main Street/Highway 101 and intersection with Mills Road. Bottom half of sheet shows elevation profile for…

Plan and Profile of Highway 101/Main Street, Buenaventura Center (6 of 9)
Blue line plan and profile of East Main Street (Highway 101 Ventura Business Loop), San Buenaventura Center. Top half of sheet shows map of Main Street/Highway 101. Bottom half of sheet shows elevation profile for street. Sheet 6 of 9.

Portion of Highway 101 Map
Map of portion of Highway 101 map at unnamed location. Below Highway 101 First and Second Acquisitions are seen, as well as easement for pipeline purposes. Lots 3, 4, and 4 1/2 are also visible below Highway 101 and Lot 4 contains orange orchards.

Portion of Highway 126 Map
Grey pencil map depicting part of Highway 126 in an undisclosed location. Includes highway details such as paved shoulder and white lines. A lemon grove is shown above the highway, an orange grove to the bottom left, and a walnut grove to the bottom…

Portion of Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia Map, Oxnard
Grey pencil map of portion of Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia for owner, Nardie Curci. Map indicates Saviers Road (now N. Oxnard Boulevard), S.P.R.R. (Southern Pacific Railroad), and Vineyard Avenue are located to the left of the property.…

Portion of Rancho Ex-Mission San Buenaventura
Black line on sepia map of portion of Rancho Ex-Mission Sand Buenaventura. Map shows block numbers, parcel numbers, and mineral numbers between and around South Oak Street, East Front Street, Beach Street, and South California Street. The overhead…

Proposed M. O. D. Packing Plant, Montalvo [F-4-204-23]
Map showing the proposed location of a M. O. D. Packing Plant. Shows location of the main packing plant, box storage, and drainage ditch. Proposed plant is shown with broken lines. Also shows portions of the Southern Pacific Railroad and State…

Rincon Causeway
Photograph of the first automobile on the Rincon Causeway, which belonged to Fritz Huntsinger. An automobile can be seen driving down the highway with the ocean on the right and mountains on the left.

Rincon Road
Landscape view of Rincon Road, which appears to be a dirt road at this point in time. The ocean can be seen on the left and mountains to the right.

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San Buenaventura Map with Proposed Freeway
Map of Ventura with a proposed freeway (Highway 33) off of West Main Street going in the direction of Ojai. A red pencil line runs from Fix way through North Garden Street, Main Street, and South Olive Street. The Southern Pacific Railroad runs…

San Buenaventura Map with Proposed Freeway and Interchange
Map of Ventura with a proposed freeway and interchange. Proposed Highway 33 is shaded in blue, going towards Ojai and runs alongside the Southern Pacific Railroad. Green circled area points to proposed Ojai Free (Highway 33) and Ventura Freeway…

Sandyland Seawall in Carpenteria, Santa Barbara County (Sheet 1 of 4)
Map of the Sandyland Seawall in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County. Project site is shown on bottom left of the document on the shore of Carpinteria next to Spindrift Lane. Other visible highways and roads include Highway 101, Route 80, Cravens Lane,…

Sea Water Pipeline Plan and Profile, San Buenaventura
Plan and profile of a sea water pipeline in City of San Buenaventura. Top half of sheet shows map of Peking Street and Harriet Street. City boundary, is indicated. State highway right of way and a plot of cultivated land is shown to the west of the…
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