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Limoneira Panorama
Panoramic photograph of Limoneira, showing rows of lemon trees, adjacent fields, flat buildings, and mountains in the background.

Chinese Male Worker at Limoneira
Sepia toned outdoor photograph of a Chinese worker at Limoneira. He is standing in an orchard row reading a newspaper. He wears his hair in a long braid, wears a straw hat, and is dressed in Chinese style clothing and shoes.

Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula postcard
View of the Limoneira Ranch. Shows the ranch surrounded by citrus groves, with two roads passing through the groves, one parallel to the ranch, one perpendicular. Mountains are visible in the background.

Caption: Limoneira Ranch. Santa Paula,…

Portion of Highway 126 Map
Grey pencil map depicting part of Highway 126 in an undisclosed location. Includes highway details such as paved shoulder and white lines. A lemon grove is shown above the highway, an orange grove to the bottom left, and a walnut grove to the bottom…

Portion of Highway 101 Map
Map of portion of Highway 101 map at unnamed location. Below Highway 101 First and Second Acquisitions are seen, as well as easement for pipeline purposes. Lots 3, 4, and 4 1/2 are also visible below Highway 101 and Lot 4 contains orange orchards.

Intersection of Route 126 and Sespe Avenue Survey, Fillmore
Grey pencil survey map of intersection of Route 126 (Highway 126) and Sespe Avenue in Fillmore. Highlighted along Route 126 are eucalyptus trees, sycamore trees, bushes, a stop sign, telegraph poles, and the edges of paved shoulders. The S.P.R.R.…

"Room for One More!" Daily Children on Pony
Image of the six Daily children riding the same pony. There are five girls and one boy in the picture, with one of the girls holding a baby. Likely taken in the avocado orchard at the Daily Ranch in Camarillo. All of the children are facing the…
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