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Beginning Work on Courthouse Annex
Group photo of several men in suits and construction clothing standing on top of heavy machinery with wooden beams below the machinery. Photo marks the beginning of construction of Ventura County Courthouse annex and jail in 1931 on corner of Poli…

Boiler Room, American Beet Sugar Co's Factory, Oxnard postcard
A view of the boiler room at the American Beet Sugar Company factory in Oxnard. Five men dressed in work clothes stand next to a table in the center of the room, looking towards the viewer. They are surrounded by large pieces of equipment and…

Building of Ventura Bridge
Construction scene showing the building of the Ventura River Bridge. Arch shaped structures, building materials, and construction workers visible. Bridge was completed in 1913.

Building of Ventura Bridge
Brakey Fourt Collection

"Rotary Table, Rotary Rig" closeup view.


Hardison and Stewart Oil Rig
View of oil rig on the right side of the image, some men with large pipes mid image and another piece of equipment on the left of the image. There are buildings in the background and behind those are tall hills or mountains. According to library…

Interior of a bakery.

Interior of Sugar Factory, Showing Carbonation Tanks, Diffusion Battery and Filter Presses postcard
An equipment room at the Oxnard sugar beet factory containing carbonation tanks, diffusion battery and filter presses. A worker is overseeing some of the tanks.

Caption: Interior of Sugar Factory, Oxnard, Ventura Co., Calif. Showing Carbonation…

Loader Traveling along Silt
Snapshot of "Loader traveling along windrow of silt." Several men stand around it. St. Francis Dam disaster aftermath.

Man with Oil Drilling Equipment
A man in coveralls and hard hat sits at the controls of oil drilling equipment--"Rotary Table, Rotary Rig." He is looking intently at the controls, the rotary table and rig appears to be spinning. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Norman's Blacksmith Shop
Four men stand in front of a "A. Norman and Son Blacksmithing Shop" in Camarillo. Around them are horse-drawn vehicles or farm equipment. The door to the shop is open. One man is in a suit and tie, and the other three men wear work clothes--overalls…

Oil Drilling Equipment, Close View
Closeup view of oil drilling equipment, company name EMSCO visible. Museum records indicate "Drill Station Draw Works", "Brake", "Rocky Mountain Air Slip Control." Two images mounted on white cardboard.


Oil Field Trap Farm
View of various pipes and other equipment at an oil field. Museum records indicate this was called a "trap farm".

Oil Well Christmas Tree
Description from back of photo: "The average Christmas tree of today has only one leg as show in this picture. The fittings on this Christmas tree do not have to stand the pressures shown in the older style tree and are more economical to install.…

Oil equipment and pipes labeled "Christmas Tree."


Oil Well Rig Lower Portion
Closeup view of the lower portion of an oil well drilling rig. A truck is visible on the left and a pumping unit visible on the right. Library records indicate the location is "Getty Oil Company Ventura Field, UL and W Lease?" Two images mounted on…

Paving Crew on Oxnard Boulevard
This image shows a seven-man paving crew working on Oxnard Boulevard during the widening project that took place circa 1925. The men are using shovels and there is a large paving machine visible to the right of the frame. There are three men and a…

St. Francis Dam Construction
View of construction of the Saint Francis Dam. A partially built dam wall with scaffolding set up next to it and rods sticking up are visible. Image shows some heavy equipment, a scaffolding bridge, and a couple of buildings. There is a walkway with…

Water Well Drilling Crew on Hartman Ranch
Water well drilling crew on Hartman Ranch. Equipment and men surround a pipe releasing water in to a canal. J. C. Hartman on left.
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