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Genoveva Spring At Wheeler's postcard
This view depicts four women and a man seated on rocks near a creek. Another man is standing next to them. An advertising message for "Genoveva Cold Mineral Water" appears to have been painted on a flat rock located between the women. Other rocks to…

Matilija Springs, Ventura Co., Cal. postcard
View of water flowing around rocks in Matilija Creek. Two women are sitting on the rocks and a man is standing on a rock in the middle of the stream. Two pipes are carried on supports along one side of the creek.

Caption: Matilija Springs, Ventura…

Creek Scene, Matilija Hot Springs, Ventura County, Cal.
Serene creek scene showing two sections of the creek divided by some land and boulders. Caption at top of postcard reads "Creek Scene, Matilija Hot Springs, Ventura County, Cal."
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (Logo: Panama/California Exposition, San…

Matilija Canyon, near Hot Springs, Ventura Co., California Postcard
Image shows a serene creek scene from the banks of the creek looking across the creek. Postcard reads "Matilija Canon, near hot springs, Ventura Co. California" in print and "at Nordhoff" written in pen along the bottom left.
["Phostint" Card,…

Group of People Having Fun at Sespe Creek
Two young men stand on a boulder in the middle of Sespe Creek, which is running along the foreground of the image. In the background, people can be seen standing and sitting along the rocks at the creek's edge.

Matilija Hot Springs Stage
Stagecoach full of people led by four horses travels overs a bridge. Stage reads "Matilija Hot Springs" along the top.

San Antonio Creek postcard
Photographic postcard showing San Antonio Creek, with a decorative border around the photo and caption at bottom of postcard: "San Antonio Creek."
[Ojai Print, Nordhoff, Cal]


Auto Fording Portion of San Antonio Creek
Scene showing a man in an open car fording San Antonio Creek at Old Creek Road. The car is in the middle of the water, and in the background is the dirt road where the man came driving from.

 Donald McArthur
Snapshot of Donald McArthur, standing on viewer's right, facing a stream His side of the steam is covered in rocks. The far side is covered in trees.
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