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Adobe Construction
Adobe construction for Oxnard Sugar Factory housing. Bird's eye view of slabs and a line of trees in background.

Adobe Construction
Adobe construction for Oxnard Sugar Factory housing. Bird's eye view of slabs and a line of trees in background.

Archaeological Investigation
Shows an archaeological investigation in the site that is now the Museum of Ventura County. Eight archeologists are digging in various spots of a field, checking for artifacts prior to museum construction.

Beginning Work on Courthouse Annex
Group photo of several men in suits and construction clothing standing on top of heavy machinery with wooden beams below the machinery. Photo marks the beginning of construction of Ventura County Courthouse annex and jail in 1931 on corner of Poli…

Blasting for Railroad Site
View of a blasting on a railroad site east of Moorpark. Shows flat area with scattered rocks and wheelbarrow. Hills in the background with visible road grading.

Building a Jetty at Ventura Harbor
View of a jetty being lowered into the Ventura Harbor by a crane. A person stands on rocks between the crane on the right of photo and jetty on the left of photo.

Construction of Casa Conejo
A man, possibly Jesse Wilbur and a young boy, son Carroll (Jack) Craig work on the construction of Conejo House (Wilbur Adobe).

Construction of county courthouse in Poli Street.

Courthouse construction.

Courthouse construction.

Dredging to Build Channel Islands Harbor, Aerial View
Aerial view of a dredging boat in the process of dredging prior to the construction of Channel Islands Harbor. Surrounding Hollywood-by-the-Sea buildings, houses, beach visible.

Hartman Tract Construction Details
Drawing of the construction details for the Hartman Tract, City of San Buenaventura. The left side of the plan shows details of San Nicholas Street, Thompson Boulevard, and Main Street illustrating curbs and sidewalk. Below these details are…

Helicopter Placing Equipment on Roof
A helicopter from Wright Airlift International puts fans and other heavy equipment on the roof of the Ventura County Government Center. The helicopter is seen from underneath as it lowers a piece of machinery to the roof and places it among a metal…

Looking South on First Street postcard
A view looking down Fir Street, although caption at top reads: "Looking South on First Street, Ventura, Cal." There are buildings on both sides of the street, and palm trees are visible in the foreground.
[Benham Co., Los Angeles, Cal., 2379 and…

Main Street Bridge construction

Masonic Temple Ground Breaking
Group photo of residents standing on land going to be used to build the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara and California Streets in Ventura. Photo is made up of two photos.

Mexican Construction Crew at Casitas Dam
A Mexican construction crew is standing in the ditch of Casistas Dam with large bins of boulders between them. The men are holding or leaning on shovels. In the ditch are men identified as Gruemell or Greenwell and Donlon, but it is unclear which men…

Oil Derrick
Bird's eye view of an oil derrick that appears to be under construction. Construction equipment and scaffolding around the derrick is visible.

Library records indicate this is part of "The Petroleum Industry - transportation & refining. Marguerite…

Ojai Arcade Construction
A view of the Ojai Arcade during its construction, taken from the street. Four unidentified men stand under one of the arches, facing the camera. One man wears a suit, the other three wear work clothes. All four men wear hats, each of a different…

Pacific Coast Highway During Construction
Scene of a section of Pacific Coast Highway during its construction, circa 1915. Train cars on a track, a few men and other equipment is visible. Some smoke is visible at the top right of photo along the mountainside. Ocean on the left of photo.

Scene of a section of Pacific Coast Highway during its construction, circa 1915. A smoothed out surface ready for paving is shown. Rocky mountainside is on the right of photo, ocean on the left of photo.

Port of Hueneme Construction
Bird's eye view of the construction of the harbor at Port Hueneme. Shows a large warehouse building and train tracks running alongside it on a platform over the water. People are working in various locations.

Putting Rip-rap on Slope of Ventura Harbor Banks
View of a crane suspending a platform over a v-shaped trench. Segment of trench lined with large rocks. Construction vehicle and additional rocks visible in background.

Railroad Camp at W. J. Richardson Ranch
View of the railroad camp on the W. J. Richardson ranch near Moorpark, taken from a distance. Tents and animals are visible in the camp, with hills in the background.

St. Francis Dam Construction
View of construction of the Saint Francis Dam. A partially built dam wall with scaffolding set up next to it and rods sticking up are visible. Image shows some heavy equipment, a scaffolding bridge, and a couple of buildings. There is a walkway with…
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