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The White Horses of Camarillo

Adolfo Camarillo and Carmen Camarillo on Horseback

Adolfo Camarillo and his daughter Carmen riding Camarillo White Horses.

In the coastal hills of Ventura County, California, sits the iconic Camarillo Ranch, built by Adolfo Camarillo. In the mid-1900's, visitors to the ranch would be greeted by the shimmering white horses bred by Adolfo Camarillo and his daughter Carmen.

The horses no longer prance the grounds around the Queen Ann style home, but their legacy can still be felt throughout the city of Camarillo and the rest of Ventura County. 

Don Adolfo Camarillo Home

Rancho Camarillo pictured on a postcard. 

Camarillo White Horses are a rare and distinctive breed of horse that originated in Camarillo in the early 1920's.

Unlike many "white" horses, which have gray skin and a light gray coat that lightens with age, Camarillo White Horses are a "true" white horse. Camarillo Whites possess light pink skin and transluscent white coats that remain vibrant throughout their lives. 

Almost a hundred years since Adolfo first began breeding white horses, the breed still inspires pride in the residents of Camarillo, California.