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A Shady Walk at Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A dirt path lined with trees near Wheeler Hot Springs.

Caption: "- A Shady Walk - At Wheelers Hot Mineral Springs - Ventura Co., Cal."

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4069]

Busch Gardens, Pasadena
Lawn at Busch Gardens in Pasadena. In the middle of the lawn is a small bird standing on the grass. To the left of the bird there is a small shrub and a walking path. Trees of many different varieties in background, including a large palm tree.

Fountain Among the Trees
Image depicts a fountain in the center of a small grove of trees. In the foreground of the picture is a dirt walking path that leads up to the fountain.

Grape Arbor Walkway
Walkway through the grape arbor at Rancho Camulos. In the middle of the walkway there is a wooden bench in the center of the dirt path. Above there are branches and vines hanging over the wooden lattice. To the sides leaves and other vegetation peek…

Oxnard Plaza Park
Bird's eye image of Oxnard Plaza Park. It appears to be composed of two images put together. The park with trees and various walking paths is in the foreground. Buildings and houses are in the background.

Appears to be a small section of…

Promenade at Ventura Beach
View of a promenade at Ventura beach. Pedestrian walkway visible as well as a lawn area with various trees and bushes. In the background of the image the mountains can be seen in clear view. In the foreground a concrete barrier with a steel railing…

Promenade at Ventura Beach
Shows the promenade at Ventura Beach. View of the grassy park area accompanied with bushes and trees. To the left of the image a light post protrudes from the ground by the grassy area. On the right a larger concrete planter holds a tree as well as…

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Promenade at Ventura Beach
View of the promenade from a long shot. To the left of the image a grassy lawn area, a light post, and a man standing. A big concrete planter bisecting the promenade into two paths sits in the middle of the picture. In the background a beachfront…
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