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Beach Dunes near Port Hueneme Harbor
Panoramic photo made of three images mounted showing beach dunes near Port Hueneme Harbor. Pictured is the Port Hueneme Pier, buildings and water tower, and automobile and telephone lines are apparent.

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Bird's-Eye View of Ventura, black and white postcard
Bird's eye view of Ventura, California. Many buildings and trees visible in the foreground. The Pacific Ocean and the coast are visible in the background. There are two postcards containing the same image. The first postcard is in black and white and…

Boat Leaving Ventura Harbor
View of sailboat traveling over a wave away from the coast. Birds visible in sky. What appears to be a person's head visible in foreground.

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Castle Rock
View of the Castle Rock formation near Santa Barbara. Ocean visible to the right of the rock formation.

Cochino Piedra Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Calif. postcard
Inland view of Cochino Piedra Harbor on Santa Cruz Island.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70875]

Group of Surfers at the Beach
Shows a group of surfers posed on their boards in front of the ocean. Surfers' backs are facing the camera.

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Mussel Rock, Near Ventura postcard, view A
View of ocean surf breaking over rocks. Foam from the surf is visible in the foreground. A mass of rocks sits to the right of the viewer. The largest rock is visible in the background to the right of the viewer. There are two postcards showing the…

Parcel Map of Lots 167 & 168, Silver Strand Tract, Oxnard
Parcel map of a division of all of Lots 167 and 168 of Silver Strand Tract, Oxnard. Shows Lots 167 and 168 outlined in bold and divided into 3 numbered subdivisions. Area is northeast of Pacific Ocean and beach, and southwest of Ocean Drive. Also…

Pipe Outlet to Ocean
View of the ocean with a pipe outlet to the ocean. A long black pipe curves up to the left of the frame with water exiting from the pipe into the ocean. A surfer holding a surfboard stands knee-deep in the waves.

Port Hueneme
Panoramic photo offer separate images mounted showing Port Hueneme Harbor and lighthouse with adjacent buildings. Channels are visible as are buildings in the background and the water tower and Hueneme Pier.

Port Hueneme Harbor
Panorama made of 5 separate photographs mounted, showing Port Hueneme Harbor, channel, buildings, automobiles, docks, Port Hueneme lighthouse and breakwater.

Port Hueneme Harbor
Panoramic view of Port Hueneme Harbor made of 6 separate images mounted, includes: main channel, Port Hueneme lighthouse, docks, water, construction being done on docks in foreground.

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Port Hueneme Harbor
Panoramic view of Port Hueneme Harbor includes: main channel, Port Hueneme lighthouse, docks, water, construction being done on docks in foreground.

Hotel on Catalina Island
Hilltop view of Catalina Island showing the Saint Catherine Hotel and Casino at the bottom of the hill with a steamship in the distance. The caption of the photo reads "St. Catherine Hotel & Casino, Catalina Island." There is a man visible on the…

San Buenaventura Wharf and S.S. Pomona black and white
View of the San Buenaventura Wharf with the steamer ship, Pomona docked on the right side of the image. Small figures can be seen on the wharf.

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Steam Powered Ship in Ventura
Image shows the steamboat from the side angle. There smoke stack in the middle of the boat emitting black smoke. The boat also has two masts, for supplemental sails, one to the front and one to the rear of the boat. Passengers on the vessel are…

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The Pier, Ventura postcard
A scene of the Ventura Pier with a boat moored to it. There is a larger ship offshore near the end of the pier. The Channel Islands are in the distance with the beach and rolling surf in the foreground. Two images are depicted: A sepia version of…
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