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St. Francis Dam Flood Near Bardsdale
Panorama of the landscape east of Bardsdale flooded by the St. Francis Dam Disaster. A farmhouse or barn is visible at the bottom of the panorama, on the edge of the flooded landscape.

Text in bottom right of photo reads, "Flooded Area East of…

Image 1 of 2 Santa Paula Flood Images
Two flood scenes showing the destruction after the St. Francis Dam disaster of March 1928.

First image possibly taken near Isbell School showing buildings and trees that are still standing, but debris and some fallen trees or bushes and water in…

Ventura Harbor Flood Damage, 1969
Flood damage to the Ventura Harbor from a 1969 storm. Image shows some boats docked in high water. Street in foreground, mountains in background.

Ventura Harbor Flooded
A view of Ventura Harbor in a flood with partially sunken boats in view and debris around the docks.


Ventura River Flood Damage, 1914
Bird's eye view of Ventura River flood damage from 1914.


View of Flooded Area East of Camulos
Birds eye view of flooded area east of Camulos, 18 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.
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