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Milligan House, Oxnard
Exterior view of the Milligan home at 200 South E Street, southeast corner of 2nd and E streets. Climbing vines or plants cover much of the front exterior and there are numerous plants and trees covering the front yard and on the sidewalk. Some…

Henry Levy House, Oxnard
View of the front entrance to the Henry Levy house, at 155 G Street and 2nd Street in Oxnard, CA. It is a historic two story craftsman bungalow home. Front stoop and porch visible, as well as some climbing plants along the second floor.

Piru Mansion
Exterior view of the driveway leading up to the Piru Mansion and of the front and side of the mansion. Mansion appears to be in disrepair, as it has overgrown landscaping, a cracked driveway, and overgrown climbing shrubbery on the mansion itself.…

Entrance to Ojai Tennis Courts
Entrance to Ojai Tennis Courts. A man in a suit and hat sits at a table flanked by small palms. In the background two men walk toward the courts. A stand or bleachers covered with shrubbery is visible.
[From C.L. Hardison album]

Family on porch in front yard with climbing plants in bloom.

A glass plate negative of a woman standing under a grape trellis at the Olivas Adobe. A pet deer is visible standing next to the woman. Ripe grapes are visible hanging in the foreground.
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