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Sisquoc Rangers Camping
Library records state: "Sisquoc Rangers - The Hunting Club of the Nineties (1890's)." Photo is of a woman flanked by two men in front of tent. They are sitting on the ground

Lyon Springs Resort, Matilija Canyon, Near Nordhoff, Ventura, Co., Calif. postcard
Trail view of a campsite at Lyon Springs Resorts, Matilija Canyon. Set beside a campsite of simple white tents, a trail head marked by wood posts in the foreground heads off into the trees.

cabin with pelts.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of people skiing, mountain landscapes and wilderness, camping, and rattlesnakes.

People skiing, crowds, skiers with numbers, possible competition, one person's sweater appears to read Utah Ski…

shoveling snow.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of horseback riding, hunting with guns and dogs, animal trapping, wilderness views and scenes (some snowy), Herman Keene at a cabin interacting with animals, animal skins, and loading a mountain…

Camp Comfort, Ventura postcard
View of a valley oak woodland. Large oak sits at the foreground to the left of the viewer. Its branches extend across the field of view. Many oaks visible in the background. Short grasses line the woodland floor.
[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal.…

Railroad Camp at W. J. Richardson Ranch
View of the railroad camp on the W. J. Richardson ranch near Moorpark, taken from a distance. Tents and animals are visible in the camp, with hills in the background.
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