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Abundio Sanchez and Grandson Adrian Sanchez
Abundio Sanchez stands alongside his grandson Adrian, a boy of about 4, holding Adrian's hand in one of his. They stand on a sidewalk in front of a brick building with an arched window just behind them. Abundio wears a three piece suit, tie, and hat.…

Adrian G. Wood
Full portrait of Adrian G. Wood (Buddy Wood) outdoors. He has a pipe in his mouth and wears a bucket hat and bib overalls. He appears to be ready do put on a jacket, and he also has what appears to be a freshly caught fish in one hand. A car is in…

Agricultural Group Photo
Outdoor panorama, gray toned photograph of agricultural land, workers, horses, wagons, sacks, tractors, pulley belt thresher in the scene. There is an open car with some men on left of photo and there are some houses in the background just off of the…

Blacksmith Shop Interior
Three men stand in the interior of a blacksmiths shop. They are (l-r): ------, Dale Wilcox, Frank Forbush. They are surrounded by equipment and tools. There is an automobile in the background.

Briggs School Class Picture
Group photo of 2nd and 3rd graders at Briggs School in Santa Paula.
Top row, L-R: , unidentified, Edwin Pinkerton, Cora Bradbury,
Margaret Buckner, unidentified, Margaret McDivitt, Audrey Morgan, Edith Jarvis, Esther Outland, unidentified, Breta…

Eusebio and Lorenza Castillo on Their El Rio Farm
Eusebio and Lorenza Castillo stand side by side on their farm on Cortez Street, El Rio. Farm buildings and crops are in the background.

Four Boys on Horseback
Four boys on horseback in front of Del Norte School. All four boys are astride one dark colored horse, school in the background. Two boys are barefoot, all are wearing overalls.

Gabriel Ruiz 1906
Full portrait of Gabriel Ruiz standing outside against a tall cement curb and wooden wall. He is wearing overalls with his left hand holding the top of the flap and his right hand pinching the waist near his pockets. Gabriel is frowning and standing…

Group Photo of Hill School Students
Group photo of students at Hill School. Four rows of students are seen in front of a brick wall. Two rows of girls are sitting and two rows of boys stand behind them.

Group Photo, Hill School
Three rows of students (one row standing, one row kneeling and one row sitting) are seen in front of Hill School. Miss Horley, teacher, is center in the back row.

Group Photo, Hill School
Group photo of Hill School students. There are four rows of students, two seated and two standing. Miss Dennis, teacher, can be seen standing on the right.

Lemon-Packing House, Santa Paula postcard
Exterior view of lemon-packing house with many employees lined up around the outside of the building looking at the camera.
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 7339; A50220]

Mike Sanchez and Tony Rivas as Children
Mike Sanchez and Tony Rivas, young boys of around age 5, stand next to one another in front of a building. They both face the viewer and show slight smiles.

Mill School Group Photo, 1913
Mounted photo of Mill School students outside of the schoolhouse's front steps and door. In addition to the schoolchildren, there appear to be two adults--a female, possibly the teacher, and a male in overalls and boots--and a dog in the foreground…

Portrait of Richard Bard as a child
Full portrait of Richard Bard as a child and his dog. Young Bard is standing looking to the left of the camera with arm around the dog.

Reverend Domench at Sespe Ranch
Reverend Domench, a visiting missionary, poses for a photo with an unidentified boy outdoors at Sespe Ranch. The reverend and the boy stand on either side of a bicycle leaning toward each other. The reverend has an arm around the boy, hand under the…

Rosa, Bud, and Ruby Vanegas, Childhood Group Photo
The children stand in a yard, looking at the camera. Left to right: Rosa Vanegas, Bud Vanegas, and Ruby Vanegas. Rosa is wearing a dress, Bud is wearing overalls and a hat, and Ruby is wearing pants and a hat and holding a chicken. There is a…

Small Child with Large Beets
A little girl wearing overalls and a large sun hat poses for a full portrait in the outdoors. She is seemingly farming, as she holds a gardening tool over one shoulder and holds a large sugar beet in her other hand. There is a basket of produce on…
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