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Survey Map of Parcels A, B and C in Tract A, Rancho Santa Ana
Survey map of Parcels A, B and C , being a portion of Tract A, Rancho Santa Ana, showing boundaries and acreage data. Property is located on the east side of North Noguera Road ("Private Road"). Adjacent property owner: Margaret Selby Mitchell.

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Survey Map of Rancho Santa Rosa
Map of Rancho Santa Rosa, a portion of Rancho El Conejo. Property of interest is located south of Camarillo Road. Tracts A, B, C and D of Rancho El Conejo as well as boundary lines for nearby Rancho Simi and Rancho Calleguas are shown. Captions: …

Survey of  Lot 23, Mira Monte Subdivision No. 1, Rancho Ojai
Map showing Survey of part of Lot 23, Mira Monte Subdivision, Rancho Ojai. Made for Ojai Valley Land Company. Shows a portion of Nordhoff Road and Tico Road.

Survey of a Portion of Lot 3, Broome Estate Ranch, Rancho Guadalasca
Survey of a portion of Lot 3 of the Broome Estate Ranch in Rancho Guadalasca. Made for the American Sugar Beet Company and Thornhill Broome. Shows a portion of the California State Highway and the grant line of Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la…

Survey of Parcels A and B of Balcom Tract, Rancho Sespe - Tract 1
Map showing survey of parcels A and B of Balcom Tract, Rancho Sespe - Tract 1. Shows a portion of Balcom Canyon Road and a portion of South Mountain Road.

Survey of Part of Rancho Simi Tract M (1 of 2)
Map of a 429.39 acre parcel located immediately north of the boundary line between Rancho Simi and Rancho El Conejo. Caption near top of map: "Rancho Simi Tract M." Map also shows an adjacent 6.74 acre parcel and portions of a 1473.89 acre parcel and…

Survey of Portion of Subdivision 84 for Grant Line Separating Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy and Rancho Santa Clara del Norte
Grey pencil survey map of a portion of Subdivision 84 showing grant line between Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy and Rancho Santa Clara del Norte for Lloyd Corser of the Saticoy Rock Company. Visible lots include Lots 83, 84, and 85. S.P.R.R. (Southern…

The Old Rice Rancho
Panoramic landscape view of the Old Rice Rancho in Matilija Canyon, Ventura. A large field with trees is in the foreground with a mountain in the background.

Trees at Rancho Camulos
Image shows trees at Rancho Camulos. The trees are planted in a circular, horseshoe-like, shape with a hedge planted alongside them. There are potted plants and a fountain at the center. In the background to the left of the image is a building…

Trees in the Placita
View of trees and a hedge within a small plaza at Rancho Camulos. In the foreground is a small lawn, behind which a hedge expands beyond the left and right sides of the image. The hedge creates a perimeter around a small grove of trees. In the far…
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