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Ojai Street Scene
Street scene in Ojai. Two open cars and two convertible cars are parked with their drivers in them at Gibson & Deters Garage, corner of Fox at Ojai Ave.

Main Street, Ventura postcard
A view looking east on Main Street from Oak Street showing many commercial brick buildings. There is a sign projecting over the sidewalk on the north side of the street advertising "Magby's Garage". A single gas pump is located in front of Magby's.…

MVC084-D19-2076-01 (1).jpg
Grey pencil map of portion of Lots 3 and 4 of Block 33 addition to Ventura. Buena Vista Street is visible on upper portion of map. Map includes an apartment complex details of 5 apartments numbered 844, 846, 848, 850 on Buena Vista Street and 129 on…

Design of Rocklite Garage Building, Hyland Drive, Ventura
Engineering drawing of Rocklite Garage Building at 2247 Hyland Drive for Mr. Hadley. Top right illustration shows the measurements for the entire garage and the top left illustration shows elevation with existing wood frame of house and Hyland Drive…

Architectural Drawing of a Foundation Plan for Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones, Santa Paula
Drawing of architectural plans for a residence and garage belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones of Santa Paula. Drawing is of foundation plan of home and area of garage leading to driveway.

Plan for Garage and First Floor of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks
Plan for garage and first floor of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks. Plan divided into two sections. Left shows plan of parking garage. Right shows plan of first floor.
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