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Ventura Police Boys' Club Members Line Up for Food
Ventura Police Boys' Club members line up for food after winning first place for marching in the 1948 Ventura County Fair Parade. Bottles of soda and a large bowl of hotdogs can be seen on the tables. The boys are all wearing white shirts and blue…

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La Mexicana Market Interior
Interior view of Sanchez Brothers Mexican Mercantile (which later became La Mexicana Market) with Carlos Sanchez, left, and Arnulfo Sanchez, right, standing in the center of the store. Walls displaying merchandise and counters full of products…

Setting out Food at Pioneer Picnic
Women set out food on long picnic benches for the Pioneer Picnic in 1931 at Foster Park. Some people and children are seated to their left, and many more picnic tables are set up in the background. The Pioneer Picnic was held for a group called the…

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