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Two Girls Holding Kittens
Faded brown toned photo of two of the E.W. Daily children, Bernice and Gladys, with kittens, outdoors at the E.W. Daily Ranch.

Note: Museum records include text "Hang onto the kittens."

Nellie Daily Holding Siamese Cats
Outdoor scene showing Nellie Daily holding two Siamese cats next to a wooden house. Nellie wears a floral print dress and glasses and has curled hair. She looks down at the cats. The two cats look towards the viewer. Bush growing alongside house is…

Miss Redmond and Cat
A woman identified as Miss Redmond stands on a walkway leading up to a house. She is slightly bent over a cat that is standing on its hind legs. Perhaps they are playing. In the background are houses.

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Daily Family Cat
Image of the Daily family cat walking on grass. The cat has one paw forward as if in motion. The tail of the cat is sticking straight into the air and curls to the left. The cat has medium-long fur and a faint tabby pattern. Behind cat, are the feet…

Cat Dressed in Baby Clothes
A short-haired tabby cat dressed in what appears to be baby clothes. The cat seems to be content. It is seated on a chair with a pillow behind it.

Beatrice Wood Sitting in Chair
Photo of Beatrice Wood seated in her home in upholstered chair holding a cat. A desk or table is in front of her, a window is behind her. She is wearing a sari and appears to be speaking.

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Beatrice Wood Seated Portrait
Full, seated portrait of Beatrice Wood. She is wearing a sari and is barefoot. She is almost leaning against a cat sculpture and there is another cat sculpture at her feet. She is looking downward, appears to be laughing, and has her hands in a…

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