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Jose Arturo Ruiz
Portrait of Jose Arturo Ruiz standing straight with full body down to the knees in view. Ruiz is wearing a three-piece suit with a pocket watch chain in view. He is also holding a cowboy hat in his left hand and a walking cane in his right. Jose…

Lazaro Ruiz
Staged nature portrait of Lazaro Ruiz standing in full view in a dark colored suit buttoned only at the top button revealing a pocket watch. He is holding a cane in his right hand and a Boater Straw Hat in his left hand. Lazaro Ruiz was the third…

Anselmo "Cap" Ruiz with Woman
Full portrait of Anselmo "Cap" Ruiz in a wheelchair with an unidentified woman standing to the left of him with a cane. Cap has a blanket around his legs, a coat and a fedora. A hanging planter and two doors are visible on the wall behind them.…

Virginia Ruiz, Charles Prudhome and Maria de Los Angeles Ruiz
Full group portrait of Virginia Ruiz standing a small distance from Charles Prudhome and Maria de Los Angeles Ruiz. Charles is holding a cane. A building with a balcony and many people visible in the background.

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