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Anselmo "Cap" Ruiz with Woman
Full portrait of Anselmo "Cap" Ruiz in a wheelchair with an unidentified woman standing to the left of him with a cane. Cap has a blanket around his legs, a coat and a fedora. A hanging planter and two doors are visible on the wall behind them.…

Jose Arturo Ruiz
Portrait of Jose Arturo Ruiz standing straight with full body down to the knees in view. Ruiz is wearing a three-piece suit with a pocket watch chain in view. He is also holding a cowboy hat in his left hand and a walking cane in his right. Jose…

Lazaro Ruiz
Staged nature portrait of Lazaro Ruiz standing in full view in a dark colored suit buttoned only at the top button revealing a pocket watch. He is holding a cane in his right hand and a Boater Straw Hat in his left hand. Lazaro Ruiz was the third…

Virginia Ruiz, Charles Prudhome and Maria de Los Angeles Ruiz
Full group portrait of Virginia Ruiz standing a small distance from Charles Prudhome and Maria de Los Angeles Ruiz. Charles is holding a cane. A building with a balcony and many people visible in the background.

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