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Hotel Anacapa
Exterior view of the Anacapa Hotel. It was a three-story building on the corner of Main and Palm Streets in Ventura, Calif. A porch runs along the entire first floor.

Peirano Family Home
Exterior view of the Peirano house located at the Southwest corner of Figueroa and Santa Clara Streets. Sidewalk in front of home is in the foreground. A woman stands on the porch and a man stands on the front steps. Four other people stand in theā€¦

Lagomarsino House
Front facing photo of Lagomarsino home on Santa Clara Street. The Opera House is on the left. Catarina Lagomarsino is sitting on the balcony. Nelda Lagomarsino is at the top of the stairs, and Delvina Lagomarsino is at the gate.

Exterior of the Oxnard Ocean View School
The exterior of the Oxnard Ocean View School. Appears to be the back and side of the school. Image taken from the ground looking upward.
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