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Getting There: Horse, Car, and Shovel

Keene packing up the car to drive to the mountains

Keene digging out the road to get to the backcountry cabin

Dangerous roads led to dangerous rescues, with no AAA to help out

Keene arriving at the backcountry cabin and transferring to horseback

The introduction of the car changed the way people traveled. It was faster and more convenient in some ways. And more difficult and harder in others! When heading into the backcountry, Keene would pack up his car and head out to a backcountry cabin. 

Getting to the cabin wasn't always easy, with rock slides and other impediments. Keene carried a shovel with him for just these sorts of impediments.

If you got in car trouble in the mountains, there was no AAA to tow you out. Horse and man power were the only way to right overturned vehicles. During this era, it was always prudent to carry several spare tires, as flats were frequent and crippling to any motorist in the backcountry. 

Once Keene arrived at the cabin, he would transfer to a riding and pack horse, to make the next leg of the journey into the backcountry

Getting There: Horse, Car, and Shovel