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Ventura River Valley Aerial View
View of Ventura looking south. Ventura city and oil fields visible. Hills line both sides of image, Pacific Ocean at top of image.

Ventura Oil Fields postcard
A view of a wooden derrick in the Ventura Avenue oil field. Smoke or dust cloud by building in front of the derrick. Other buildings, an automobile, tanks and two other wooden derricks in the background.

[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal. (Postcards…

Continental Oil Company, San Miguelito Oil Field
View of San Miguelito Oil Field, with a Continetal Oil Company sign at the entrance. There is a railroad track in the foreground, oil tanks and equipment visible, and a hillside dotted with oil derricks along in the background. A Conoco motor oil…

Continental Oil Company, Rincon Gasoline Plant
Exterior view of Continental Oil Company, Rincon Gasoline Plant on Pacific Coast Highway. Railroad tracks in foreground, hills with oil derricks in background. Two images mounted on cardboard.

Associated Oil Tanks at the Foot of Figueroa Street
View of Associated Oil Co. oil tanks at the foot of Figueroa Street in Ventura, Calif.

Texaco Oil Refinery, Fillmore
Exterior view of the Texaco Oil Refinery in Fillmore, with fumes rising from smokestacks. Hill with water tank visible in background.

Note: Museum records indicate that the refinery was shut down 1950-02-01.
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