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Street view of Ventura
First City Hall and the library built by the city of Ventura. Located on Main Street and California Street looking West on Main Street. Buildings can be seen on either side of the dirt road.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley postcard
Bird's Eye View of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA. The parking lot and mountains can be seen in the background.
[No publisher stated. Printed in California.]

Ronald Reagan Library postcard
Bird's eye view of Reagan Library with an image blended into this main image of Ronald Reagan smiling on the left side of the postcard. Bottom of image caption states "Ronald Reagan Library."
[Columbia Publishing; Curteich, John Hinde, 2045; T694]

The Library, Santa Paula postcard
The front facade of a library in Santa Paula is depicted. There is a flight of steps leading from the sidewalk to the double doors at the entrance. Four columns with Ionic capitals are visible. Vines cover the right portion of the facade. A girl…

Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial Library postcard
Front view of the Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial Library. Palm tree, grass lawn and stairs leading up to the library entrance are in the foreground. The library is in a neoclassical style of architecture, with four tall columns at the top of the…

Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial Library postcard
Front view of the Dean Hobbs Blanchard Memorial Library, partially obscured by trees growing on the sides of the building. Trees, a grass lawn, walkway, and stairs leading to the library are viewable in the foreground. The library is designed in a…

Blanchard Memorial Library, Santa Paula postcard
Left angled front view of the Blanchard Memorial Library taken from the lawn. The building is in a Neoclassical architectural style. View is partially obscured by a small palm tree. Stairs leading to the entrance and four columns are visible.…
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