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Souvenir Ribbon
Beige satin ribbon with blue printing and illustration of San Buenaventura Mission with a padre holding a quill pen standing in foreground. Top and bottom edges are fringed.

Markings: at top "Souvenir / Reception to President Roosevelt / Ventura,…

Thomas Jefferson Historical Figure
Thomas Jefferson rose to prominence in Virginia politics, supported the revolutionary movement, served in both Continental Congresses, and was a major drafter of the Declaration of Independence. Became Governor of Virginia in 1779 and later succeeded…

George Washington Historical Figure
George Washington (c. 1775), received his early military training as an officer in the colonial militia and saw action in the French and Indian Wars. When the united colonies searched for a military leader, Washington was an easy choice. Named…

Ronald Reagan and Margaret McHenry
Outdoor portrait of Ronald Reagan and Margaret McHenry standing in what appears to be an orchard. Both are smiling at the viewer.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret McHenry
Group photo of two men and one woman standing in what appears to be an orchard. The man on the right is Ronald Reagan and the woman is Margaret McHenry. An unidentified man is on the left.

Katherine Hoffman Haley with President George H.W. Bush
Snapshot of Katherine Haley Hoffman shaking the hand President George H. W. Bush. She is wearing a tweed suit with a name tag on. She has short white hair. President Bush is wearing a dark suit.

Katherine Hoffman Haley and Governor Ronald Reagan
Portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley and then Governor Ronald Reagan. Museum records do not provide context for this photograph but it appears that Governor Reagan is presenting Hoffman Haley with an award or trophy of some sort. They are standing in…

Rutherford B. Hayes Portrait
Bust portrait of U.S. President Rutherford Hayes, sepia toned, head turned to the left of the camera. "R.B. Hays." "Moran? 707 Broadway, N.Y." Circa late 1890s before 1897 perhaps earlier. Photograph mounted on 16.5 X 10.8 ecru cardboard.

Ronald Reagan Library postcard
Bird's eye view of Reagan Library with an image blended into this main image of Ronald Reagan smiling on the left side of the postcard. Bottom of image caption states "Ronald Reagan Library."
[Columbia Publishing; Curteich, John Hinde, 2045; T694]

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley postcard
Bird's Eye View of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA. The parking lot and mountains can be seen in the background.
[No publisher stated. Printed in California.]

Theodore Roosevelt at Plaza School
A crowd is gathered to hear President Theodore Roosevelt deliver a speech at Plaza School on May 9, 1903
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